How To Maximize Your Value

And Gift Like A Boss!

Our Team Provides The Best Branding Tools On The Planet

And It’s Your Job To Do The Rest With These 5 Easy Tips.

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Prepare Your Gift

Presentation.. It sure does go a long way!
You are set up for success, now take 5 seconds and put a bow on it
See how it’s done here

Preparing your closing gifts is one of the most important steps in client retention

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Customized Gift Letter

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Deliver The Gift

When is the best time to give the gift? Watch the video for Top Tips! Remember, while delivering in person after closing is super effective, ask us about our Drop Shipping - your gift will arrive direct to your clients for the ultimate system in place.

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Watch and Learn How To Gift Like A Boss!

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Use The Script

Created by mega agents who give CUTCO, why wouldn’t you use a script that works? Win the relationship and get the WOW response you want

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See the script in action

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Download and Print Script

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Sample script

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Follow Up With Value
Share The Video Below!

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You gave the gift – what happens next? What about following up while sharing a fun video that explains the uses of the exact gift you gave them – and it’s guarantee! Now that’s value!

Time to ask for referrals!

Get your gift’s video from the product page and embed it into your email campaign = system in place!!

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Be sure to ask your clients how they’re liking your gift once they’ve used it.
Most people do not go out of their way to say “thank you” for a thank you gift.
If you’re seeking feedback - be sure to ASK FOR IT!

There's More Happiness In Giving

Our Products Are Fantastic for Closing Gifts, Referral Gifts, Charity / Auction Donation, Employees, A-list Clients, & Anyone You Simply Want To Get An “In” With