Gourmet Set

Gourmet Set #1805


The perfect gift set for someone who already has Cutco and for a true chef.  The only Cutco set other than the ultimate that features the Cleaver. With over a pound of steal this bad boy can get even the toughest jobs done in no time.  From separating frozen meat to cracking open a coconut and butternut squash – anyone using this knife will be sure glad they have it when they need it!  The perfect meat lovers, bbq master and vegetable connoisseur set and must have pieces for any person who’s food is a true work of art!

Additional Info
  • American Flag All products in this set made in America
  • Quantity of items in set 7 pieces
  • Set Dimensions 4-1/2″W × 11-3/4″H × 14-1/2″D
    Note: Allow additional clearance above set to remove knives.