Culinary Companions Set #1849

7″ Culinary Companions Set #1849


Available in Classic (Black), Pearl (White), or Red

Talk about big branding and two fun pieces in one great set. The Spatula Spreader is probably the most unique tool that Cutco offers and the one tool that you can’t have too many of.  Everything from sandwiches to avocados, to casseroles to desserts. Your 3 in 1 tool – Scoop, Spread, and Cut! The 7″ Santoku is the workhorse in the kitchen. Slice, dice, and chop all your vegetables and meats, for soups, stews, and salads.

The Spatula Spreader — A Spreader and Knife

The Spreader is a unique, multi-purpose tool.  Don’t let the ’roundness’ fool you.  The flexibility and sharpness make this the perfect tool for cutting and scooping avocados, casseroles, lasagna, brownies, cakes and pies. Pick your spread and cut everything for your sandwich – even a ripe tomato. Perfect for cream cheese on bagels or butter on toast. Great for muffins, rolls and soft cheeses. The ultimate tool for entertaining and wide blade is ideal for branding.

The 7″ Santoku – Your Favorite Chopping Knife

The hottest knife on the culinary circuit – a full, hollow-ground blade means smooth clean cuts every time. This multi-functional, subtly curved blade slices and dices meats and vegetables with ease. Use it for everything, from slicing sushi and butterflying chicken breasts to dicing vegetables. Cut carrots, onions, tomatoes, celery, garlic, nuts, fruits, meats, and more! Wide blade for easy transfer of ingredients. Low tip ideal for intricate cutting and boning. Perfectly balanced and extremely versatile.

Exclusive Double-D® edge
The Double-D® edge provides a clean, smooth cut every time and stays sharp longer than straight-edge knives. Can be factory sharpened.

Ergonomic handle
Universal fit for large or small, left or right hands. Thumb and forefinger lock into place for safety and control. Fatigue-resistant design.

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Additional Info
  • American Flag Made in America
  • Full tang – Blade extends full length of the handle for extra strength and balance.
  • FREE sharpening – With Cutco’s Forever Guarantee, we will sharpen, hone, buff, repair and if necessary replace your Cutco knives and accessories for FREE. No receipt is required.
  • Guaranteed Forever – Like all Cutco products, the Spatula Spreader is guaranteed forever.

The Spatula Spreader — A Spreader and Knife

  • Blade material: 420 Modified Stainless Steel
  • Handle material: Highly engineered thermo-resin. Available in classic brown or pearl white.
  • Blade Length: 5″
  • Overall Length: 10-1/8″
  • Weight: 2.6 oz. (74g)
  • Wide, flexible blade – Flexible surface makes this a handy multitasking tool.

The 7” Santoku – Your Favorite Chopping Knife

  • Blade Material: 440A High-Carbon Stainless Steel
  • Handle material: Highly engineered thermo-resin.
  • Blade Length: 7-1/4″
  • Overall Length: 12-3/4″
  • Santoku-style contour – Sharp, subtly curved blade drops to a functional, sharp tip.
  • Ultra sharp straight edge – Cutco’s razor-sharp, straight-edge knives can be maintained and sharpened at home.