Large Walnut Cutting Board
12 X 18
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Large Walnut Cutting Board


These beautiful black walnut cutting boards are handcrafted in Vancouver, WA. These boards are created almost exclusively from rescued or reclaimed American hardwoods. They are functional for everyday use and elegant for special occasions. Whether fixing dinner for the family or serving hors’ d’-oeuvres for a party, this cutting board is durable and decorative. Brand them anywhere on the front of the board or the back to create a stunning gift by itself or pair it perfectly with a Cutco gift set.

Dimensions are approximately 12 X 18 X 1

Rescued American Hardwoods – Also referred to as Industrial off fall. This material is kiln-dried and of very high quality, but was outside of some customer specification. Possibly for length, width, or color variation. We purchase this material by the pallet load and save them from the fire pits and landfills. We use these locally acquired hardwoods for all of our core products.

Reclaimed Material – These are materials we have removed from old barns, homes, or commercial buildings. These pieces are cleaned and washed with disinfectant to eliminate insects/mildew.